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Adds filters to digital images
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Change up your images by adding filters and effects to them such as fog, rain, lightning, mosaic, old photo, cubism etc. Choose one of the many available frames to give your creations a polished look.

Photo Effects Studio allows all types of users to apply stunning creative effects to their digital photographs in no time and with excellent results. It combines a wide range of neatly-organized filters with a series of convenient thumbnails showing the effect that each filter will have on the selected image. This provides you with a global overview of what each filter does and how it compares with the rest.

All filters are clearly categorized – color filters, illumination filters, complex effects, artistic filters, etc. – and though they work as presets that produce specific and fixed changes in the original image when applied, they can all be customized manually to produce the desired effect. Besides, the effects are cumulative, meaning that whatever filter you apply to an image, its effects will be added on top of those produced by any previous filter (similar to what layers do in similar editing tools).

Speaking of editing tools, Photo Effects Studio comes also with some neat editing features that will allow you to crop, rotate, change the colors, brightness, and hue of the selected image easily. You can also create collages and photomontages in a simple and rewarding way.

One of the things that I really liked about the program’s wide range of filters is that these include effects that have to do with the overall appearance of the photograph, not only its colors or its exposure levels. I am referring to the possibility of adding frames, lightning, glows, rain and snow effects, and even scratches (so that they resemble really old photographs). The possibilities are endless, and the results are nothing short of surprising.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • The wide range of filters available are clearly organized by categories
  • Shows you as many thumbnails as effects you can apply
  • Effects are cumulative (work as layers)
  • Adds frames and decorations to a long list of artistic filters
  • Comes with basic editing functionality


  • Works only on one image at a time
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